My Bookish pet peeves

I don’t have many bookish pet peeves but I do have a few and I figured I would share them with you guys.

1 My biggest pet peeve is when book series have a cover change midway through. This leads to my me either having to rebuy the entire series or live with mismatched books. I hate mismatched books a lot so I usually end up buying a book I already own.

2 I hate it when books in a series have different heights. Like some of the books, are short and then some are super tall. I enjoy putting the books on my shelf together by height, but I can’t ever separate series and so when some of them are suddenly much taller than others it ruins my whole shelf.

3 when people accuse me of not being a real reader because I mostly read YA and fantasy, which they don’t view as real literature. Why is YA and fantasy so much less worth than say classics and crime novels? I honestly don’t get it. A book is a book and if you love reading, you are a reader, no matter what genre you enjoy most!

Do any of you guys share some of my pet peeves? Do you have any bookish pet peeves I did not mention?




17 thoughts on “My Bookish pet peeves

  1. SusieQ says:

    Totally agree with #2. I despise those tall, narrow books that stick up an inch higher and are further recessed into the shelf because of their narrowness. It makes me equally annoyed when I have a series, and one of the books is the slightest bit taller than the rest. I like a nice, neat orderly set of shelves, and things like that just ruin it.

    And if you’re reading something, be it classics, romance, young adult, fantasy, or a graphic novel… then you’re a “real” reader. No need for genre snobbery! The ONLY thing I don’t consider to be “reading” are audiobooks… because you’re not reading them, you’re listening to them. You know? I wouldn’t say “I read..” about an audiobook, I would say “I listened…”

    Or maybe that’s just me being too picky. LOL


  2. eternalised says:

    I completely agree with your pet peeves! Especially #2. I have so many series that have different sizes, it’s ridiculous. And when I put them together, I go berserk because it looks like they don’t fit, but when I seperate the series, it makes me go crazy too.

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading

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  3. ravenandbeez says:

    I agree with everything you said. I also agree that some people think that YA is not literature at all. And when they make fun of of you for reading it after being an adult. Like seriously? I’m an adult! Which means I can finally read books for all ages!!

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