January wrap up and February tbr

January is coming to a close, which means it’s time for my first wrap up. This month has shown me that my goodreads goal of 350 books might be too much seeing as how I am already behind, but I will give it another month to see if I can catch up.

Despite falling behind on my goodreads goal January has been a good reading month for me. I have read 20 books this month. I have decided not to go into detail about the books and instead just link their goodreads page.

Here they areUten navn.pngFrom the left: Passenger, The Impostor Queen, Truthwitch , Falling Kingdoms, The chaos of stars, Harry Potter 1, Sword and Verse, Love and Other Foreign Words, This is where it ends, Need, Thief of lies, Legacy, Night school, What we saw, Shadow kiss, An ember in the ashes , The isle of the lost , Maybe Someday.

Out of these 20 books, I have written reviews for five so feel free to check those out. 🙂

The impostor queen review

Truthwitch review

Passenger review

Thief of lies review

Night school review

That concludes my wrap up. How many books did you guys read this month? Did you read any of the books I did?

February TBR.

I have 15 books on my February TBR, and I really hope I get to all of them this month!

Here they arePictures4.jpgFrom the left: Starflight, Beautiful broken things, Curio, Unhooked, Assassin’s heart, The sadow queen, Revenge and the wild, Reign of shadows , The girl from everywhere, The dark days club , RidersWolf by Wolf , Alienated, The love that split the world, Pull.

That concludes my February TBR. Are any of these books on your TBR?




11 thoughts on “January wrap up and February tbr

  1. Silent Seasons says:

    Need was on my list to read this month but did not yet so will leave it to March probably. how did you like Falling Kingdoms btw? It’s one of my all time favorites, hope you enjoyed it.

    20 books is really great number.. I’ve only read 9 which is super good since I am in a bit of a slump.. All the best for February 🙂


  2. irena_bookdustmagic says:

    wow, you read so many books! I read sth like…. 7 :/
    I plan to write my wrap up tomorrow or maybe today, I have to write and post one review still.
    I also plan to read Dark Days Club in February, have also some other books planned but I can’t plan too much since I am pretty slow when it comes to reading… 😦
    Anyway, don’t stress yourself over the number of read books. As long as you enjoy reading it doesn’t really matter if you read 350 books or less then that.
    I would probably need 3,5 years to read that many books, but that doesn’t matter, as long as I’m satisfied with books I read and I’m not reading them just for sake of reading, I am fine with that.


    • lunireads says:

      I don’t stress about it. I just noticed that I probably set my sights a little high and if I don’t catch up I will lower my goal so I don’t feel pressured. 🙂 I think reading any number of books is good as long as you feel happy about it 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Clemence says:

    I don’t know of you wrote about it already but if you could comment on how do you manage to read so many books in a month, that would be very interesting, like do you read more than one book at a time? Do you read more than one? Stuff like that :p

    Liked by 1 person

    • lunireads says:

      I read so many books mostly because I am a fast reader. I can read a 200 page book in 2 hours so on a day when I have nothing to do I can blow through 3 books. 🙂 I usually don’t read more than one book at a time. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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