Where i buy books

Finding the books I wanted to read used to be a big problem because the bookstores in Norway doesn’t have a big range of YA English literature. They have some, but the books are hardly ever new releases and they are mostly pocket editions. I bought a kindle when I was on vacation in London and started buying E-books on Amazon. The Kindle allowed me to get new releases without paying a fortune in shipping, but I still craved physical books because I just like reading an actual book better. I would allow myself to order 2 physical books a month from Amazon and buy the rest for my kindle despite the expencive shipping costs. Then about a year ago, I discovered bookdepository and everything changed, because this site offers free international shipping! I was ecstatic, a site with beautiful hardcover books to about the same price I would pay in a bookstore. It seemed too good to be true, but it actually wasn’t. I ordered a book and it came within 7 days and included a bookmark in the package. Ever since, I have ordered from them and never had any problems.

I also feel like I should mention that I use audible to purchase audiobooks and still buy quite a few kindle books from amazon even though I now purchase most of my books from bookdepository. buy all the books meme

Where do you guys buy your books?


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13 thoughts on “Where i buy books

  1. chelsiebookblogger says:

    I wish I could buy from bookstores but they are so expensive over in Australia, and we only have one main chain store other wise you have to grab them from a department store or seek out a local bookstore which is still super expensive. Book depository is the way to go!

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  2. irena_bookdustmagic says:

    I noticed Kat already mentioned that, but I’ll say it again, Awesome Books is great for used books (although they sell new ones also), maybe they dont have the perfect selection for ya, but I buy most of my chick lits there, you can find used copies already like 2 or three months after their releases.

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  3. laylaysworld says:

    I have some awesome second hand bookshops near me, so I love going to them. I also get a lot of my books from thrift books, which is an online sight. I think it has free shipping for the US, but I’m not sure about other places.

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  4. Clemence says:

    lately i’ve been buying mostly from kindle, but i use audibe and bookdepository a lot too! like, i remember discovering bookdepository i was the happiest person ever! because it really helps with all the free shipping and the prices are very affordable, it’s a great site :3

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  5. cat says:

    Yeah I usually buy kindle books on my iPad. I go to our local bookstore and get new releases if I really love the author. I’m thinking about getting a library card and just getting books there because they have basically everything id ever want.


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