Standalone Fantasy Novels

Today I want to share my love for standalone fantasy novels whit you guys. I feel like most fantasy books out there, the ones that are talked about and gets tons of hype are all part of a series, trilogy or duology. Now I love a good series as much as anybody, but fantasy series are a huge commitment and some days I’m just not up for that. Some days I just want to read a nice short book that wraps up at the end. A book were I won’t have to wait for a year to find out what happens, but still get some of the magic that I love. A standalone fantasy is perfect on days like these, and every time I see a new one, I feel excited and happy.

Personally, I feel like there are too few standalone fantasy novels out there, but the majority of the ones that exist are good which makes up for the quantity. Below you will find pictures of my favourites within this genre as well as links to their goodreads pages. (p.s some of these books are magical realism or retellings but I still count them as fantasy)

Pictures2Illusions of fate synopsis, The chaos of stars synopsis, House of ivy & sorrow synopsis, The coldest girl in coldtown synopsis, Cruel beauty synopsis , A thousand nights synopsis, Soundless synopsis, The darkest part of the forest synopsis.

What do you guys think about standalone fantasy? What standalone fantasy books have you read?






4 thoughts on “Standalone Fantasy Novels

  1. cat says:

    I have A Thousand Nights on my TBR! How’d you like it? The cover makes me swoon. I also love the cover of The Chaos of Stars. So pretty! I gotta check it out.


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